We focus on developing comprehensive biomedical solutions.

ABT is a leading biotechnology company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of molecular biology diagnostics. Through our development, we have become one of the important bridges to help, connect and bring biological research achievements closer to practice, especially in preventing the Covid-19 pandemic.

ABT’s vision is applying science to solve everyday medical problems and providing products and services meeting international standards. With our enthusiasm and scientific experience, we always try our best to establish Vietnam’s presence in the international fields of science.

To sustainably maintain the product quality and our prestige in the market, ABT focuses on R&D activities and applying scientific achievements to improve our quality and be able to meet the strict requirements of the market.
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ABT is always proud to contribute ourselves to and be a part of the life of science in general. We cherish each of the products we make and try our best to perfect the quality of every product that we offer to our customers.


Customers coming to ABT will be consulted and receive helpful advice from our dedicated staff to find the most optimal solution for each specific need. All of our products and services come with in-depth technical support to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers.​


Our well-trained, experienced, and dynamic staff has become the backbone of our success that keeps us always creative and innovative in our work, helps to improve our products and create high-quality and relevant solutions to keep up with the development of the biotechnology market.​


Turning ABT into the prestigious trailblazer in molecular biology in Vietnam and aiming toward international market integration. We pay attention to our quality and ensure that our products meet the international standards from the manufacturing steps to delivery to the customers. We commit to bringing the best products and experience to our customers. And the application of science and technology in research and production is always one of our top priorities in order to help “Made in Vietnam” products thrive in the domestic and international market, affirming Vietnam's value.


At ABT, we stay dedicated, responsible and creative to work together to bring our customers the best products and services at the most competitive prices and encourage “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods”. Our vision and mission has always stayed at the core of everything we do and motivated us to work harder every day.


ABT is a group of highly skilled and experienced biotechnology professionals. Production lines and automatic machines, in addition to a contemporary equipment system, provide the capacity to produce products with great efficiency. ABT owns a team of experienced and well-trained professionals in the field of biotechnology, along with advanced and automated production lines to ensure high efficiency and the best quality for our customers. With the ability to supply thousands of viral transport tubes VTM/UTM, hundreds of extraction kits, real-time PCR kits, and many other products every day, ABT is always ready to support and satisfy customers. We also own a national distribution line from the North to the South of Vietnam to promptly meet all needs of customers. This is one of our important foundations for sustainable development in the future.


Regular training

to sharpen the skills of our technicians and production staff


Strict quality control

The quality control process, which is always under strict standards, is one of our most important steps to ensure high-quality products.


Automated process

The automated production line ensures high accuracy and purity.


Cutting-edge manufacturing technology

The automated production line together with advanced equipment and quality materials is the strength of ABT’s products.


With the golden goal of becoming the leader in providing high-quality products in applied biotechnology, we pay special care to the quality, reliability, and safety of each product and all production activities of ABT comply with ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 13485 (2016). We aim to provide the best solutions to our customers, as we understand quality is the foundation of success.

Quality policy

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