Intended use: Intended use: ABT (MTC-32E) - automated nucleic acid extraction system automatically extracts and purifies DNA/RNA based on magnetic particle extraction method. Used for molecular biology laboratories and paraclinical laboratories.

Maximum sample load/run: 32 samples

Program setting embedded real-time operating-system

Manufacturer: ABT (Vietnam)


1. ABT MTC-32E introduction

The ABT Nucleic Acid Extractor (EZ32) utilizes nucleic acid magnetic properties to create a rapid and batch DNA/RNA extraction process. Magnetic extraction technology helps save time in the DNA/RNA extraction and purification step for large amounts of samples. The capacity of the ABT extraction machine can be up to 32 samples per run for 30 minutes. In addition to standard consumables used to extract maximum sample volumes, ABT also provides consumables used to operate the extraction machine with small sample volumes, helping to save costs on chemicals and accompanying supplies.

It has features as follows:

  • Small volume, light weight
  • Low noise
  • Full-closed workaround
  • Embedded real-time operating system. Transparent working chamber facilitating the observation of working conditions
  • Large LCD panel, easy to operate
  • Door open protection, ultra-limit position protection and alarm

It is safer and more reliable for use. It can be used to extract DNA, RNA from whole blood, cells, and tissues and so on, so as to save time and labor.


2. Features 

Normal Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: 10°C~30°C

Relative humidity: 20%-70% without condensation

Power supply: AC100-240V; 50-60Hz


Attention :Before power on, please confirm whether the working conditions meet the above requirements. Pay special attention to the power line is reliably grounded.


3. Transportation and Storage Conditions

Ambient temperature: -20°C ~ +55°CoC ~ +55°C.

Relative humidity: ≤80%

4. Specifications

Code MTC-32E
Sample size 32pcs/time
Magnetic rod (fixed) 4×8 pcs
Sample volume range 20~1000μl
Magnetic bead collection efficiency >98%
Most suitable size of magnetic beads 0.2~1.0μm
Overall dimensions (mm) 430*395*435 (L*W*H)
Net weight 28.5Kg


5. Basic performance

  • Operating temperature: room temperature
  • Program storage: 20°C


6. Software functions

  • File edit, view, modify and delete functions
  • File run, pause, and stop functions
  • File import & export by U disk
  • Voice prompt function
  • Fault protection and alarm function
  • UV lamp on and timed off
  • Upgrade by U disk

Caution:  The above software features are for reference only. ABT reserves the right to change the software without notice

7. Structure diagram of the extraction machine 

Front view of full automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification system

Cấu trúc máy ABT
Extraction machine

Back view of full automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification system

Cấu trúc máy ABt
The back
    1. Case Body
    2. Display
    3. Operating room
    4. Where 32 deep well plate is placed
    5. Closing cover
    6. Power switch
    7. Standard power outlet
    8. USB interface
    9. Technical label
    10. RS232

Refer to the operating principle: Click here


Sample size


32pcs/ times (2 deep-well plates)


Vietnamese version

English version


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