How to build a standard molecular biology laboratory at an affordable cost? The necessary equipment, where to buy it and how to arrange it is not easy for a newly established establishment. In this article, ABT will share with you experience to design a laboratory that meets standards and minimizes costs as much as possible, while ensuring aesthetics, practicality and safety for planning. Laboratory construction plan.


The Molecular Biology Laboratory specializes in performing complex techniques for applied research involving biological materials. Usually includes DNA / RNA, bacteria, viruses, etc. Therefore, the idea of ​​designing a molecular biology laboratory is considered the initial stage and is the key to determining the quality of the laboratory's experiments of research facility.

Starting the process of designing and building a laboratory requires a lot of specific planning. Are you wondering how you can optimize workflow, consumables and the number of employees in the same lab? In case the quality of experimental products is poor due to uncontrolled foreign substances, how will it be handled?

Understanding all those issues, ABT provides design consulting services and standard laboratory construction to ensure peace of mind and satisfaction for customers.

ABT staff working in the laboratory


ABT Molecular Biology Laboratory is designed and built according to biosafety level II standards.

Divided into 2 separate areas:

  • Areas for pre-PCR sample preparation steps include PCR master mix room and sample separation room;
  • Khu vực cho các bước phân tích sau khi chạy PCR bao gồm phòng phân tích kết quả và  phòng lai. Hai khu vực này tốt nhất nên nằm tách rời ở 2 phòng riêng biệt.

All equipment and items used for each area must comply with the principle one-way direction. The types of samples to be analyzed will pass through the rooms and not be returned to the previous stage (including pens, notebooks, protective gear, pipet...) in order to avoid false positives leading to erroneous test results, Limiting the infection that occurs during the implementation helps bring accurate and reliable results to customers.

Basically, a molecular biology laboratory consists of 4 main rooms, but can be flexibly changed depending on the purpose of the customer and the area where the laboratory is built:

Room 1: chemical mixing room

Room 2: Nucleic acid extraction

Phòng 3:  Phòng PCR/Realtime PCR

Room 4: Result analysis

However, with some laboratories using Realtime PCR, there is no need to analyze the results after PCR. In addition, some places design more molecular biology hybrid room (RDB) to help with hybrid processing when customers do HPV type determination depending on the purpose of design implementation.

Design Diagram of Molecular Biology Laboratory


ABT provides a full package of laboratory design and construction consulting services from A -> Z. Our experienced technical team always supports consulting to provide optimal laboratory space selection. for customers. We give completely free consultation and receive design and construction laboratory construction design services at a cost to meet the needs of customers.

ABT staff operate automatic chemical dividers

We are committed to supporting our partners during and after the lab building process. Includes long-term maintenance and dedicated staff who are always ready to provide technical advice. Not stopping there, ABT also provides a full range of chemicals, the most modern equipment for the research and application of Molecular Biology:

+ Automated extraction system

+ RealTime PCR system

+ PCR system

+ DNA, Protein electrophoresis system

And other equipment

With the desire to make your lab construction plan easier than ever. ABT always accompanies the dream of building a laboratory towards the trend of integration around the world. So if you are looking forward to planning the design and construction of a new molecular biology laboratory or expansion of existing facilities. Contact us immediately for assistance and tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

For the fastest support, please contact hotline 0903.307.258

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