ABT’s vision is to apply science to solve everyday medical problems and provide products and services meeting international standards. With our enthusiasm and scientific experience, we aim to always try our best to establish Vietnam’s presence in the international fields of science.
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The Next Generation Of Biotech Solution

With the guiding principles of "Responsibility - Creativity - Dedication", ABT provides our customers with cutting-edge molecular diagnosis solutions at competitive prices. Our unwavering commitment to your success is at the core of our mission.

DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

Diverse product lines, with high purity and are suitable for many different types of automated machines available in the market.

PCR & Real-time PCR Kits

Accurate diagnosis and detection of pathogens. High sensitivity and specificity


Chemicals, the standard scale used for molecular biological reactions ​

Lab Equipment - Consumables

Various and complete machinery, equipment and consumables for the molecular biology laboratory


Consulting set-up molecular biology laboratory. Technical training support

ABT product
About us

ABT elevates Vietnam's value in the global market

ABT là một trong những nhà sản xuất hàng đầu Việt Nam, chuyên cung cấp các giải pháp hỗ trợ trong lĩnh vực chẩn đoán sinh học phân tử. Chúng tôi cũng là một cầu nối đưa các thành tựu nghiên cứu sinh học áp dụng gần hơn vào thực tiễn … 


Total solution ABT

ABT mang đến những giải pháp tổng thể tối ưu nhất với độ hiệu quả tuyệt vời cho quá trình chẩn đoán và xét nghiệm SARS-COV-2. Quy trình nhanh chóng – tiết kiệm – chuẩn xác ..

News from ABT

Why choose us?


ABT is always proud to contribute ourselves to and be a part of the life of science in general. We cherish each of the products we make and try our best to perfect the quality of every product that we offer to our customers.


Customers coming to ABT will be consulted and receive helpful advice from our dedicated staff to find the most optimal solution for each specific need. All of our products and services come with in-depth technical support to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers.​


Our well-trained, experienced, and dynamic staff has become the backbone of our success that keeps us always creative and innovative in our work, helps to improve our products and create high-quality and relevant solutions to keep up with the development of the biotechnology market.​

Our Clients

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