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DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

Diverse product lines, with high purity and are suitable for many different types of automated machines available in the market.

PCR & Real-time PCR kit

Accurate detection of the pathogen with high sensitivity and specificity.

Molecular biology chemicals

Chemicals and standard scales are used in molecular biological reactions.

Laboratory Equipment & Consumables

Machines, devices and consumables used in laboratory and medical center

About us

ABT elevates Vietnam's value in the global market

ABT is a leading biotechnology company with the goal to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of molecular biology diagnostics. Through our development, we have become one of the important bridges to help, connect and bring biological research achievements closer to practice, especially in preventing the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Total solution ABT

ABT offers the most optimal total solutions with excellent efficiency for the SARS-COV-2 diagnostic and testing process. The process is quick – economical – accurate…

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ABT is always proud to contribute ourselves to and be a part of the life of science in general. We cherish each of the products we make and try our best to perfect the quality of every product that we offer to our customers.


Customers coming to ABT will be consulted and receive helpful advice from our dedicated staff to find the most optimal solution for each specific need. All of our products and services come with in-depth technical support to ensure that the best quality is delivered to our customers.​


Our well-trained, experienced, and dynamic staff has become the backbone of our success that keeps us always creative and innovative in our work, helps to improve our products and create high-quality and relevant solutions to keep up with the development of the biotechnology market.​


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